New Era Montessori School

Special offer

For only $180.00 per week

Hands-on learning collaborative play!

Enroll your children in "New Era" Home Montessori located in 3502 Olivia Dr Wylie Texas 75098. Let your children experience Montessori education in a friendly, peaceful, and happy environment. 


Hello, my name is Maha. I have a passion for teaching children. Due to my passion for teaching, I have decided to open a Montessori School. I began teaching children 25 years ago. I have always loved children, and I would love to have a positive influence in their lives. I believe that one on one attention is essential in teaching and I make sure to devote as much time as possible to every child in my care. I work hard to provide a positive and friendly atmosphere for my students to learn in. I believe that all my students will have fun and learn at my school. We would love to have your child attended this Montessori School.


Indoor and outdoor activities

Sensorial exercises: Sensorial exercises help children develop their five senses. These exercises give children the CHANCE to explore the world surrounding them, and build foundations for concrete learning through improving their bodies and self-control.

We also offer nutritious, home-made food 

Language and Math : From infancy until the age of six, children gain language abilities and discover the world spontaneously.

Practical Life: By practicing practical life exercises, children will learn how to take care of their home, classroom, and immediate surroundings. Also, these exercises help them learn the concepts of hygiene, exploring courtesy and empathy, and working independently.


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